Since its inceptions in 2000, Drupal has been one of the most popular CMS  platforms in the market. In the present time, there are more than 1.5 million Drupal websites across the globe. For a fact, there are many reasons behind such a huge popularity of Drupal. Whether it is security, scalability, plugins, modules, and themes, Drupal is the best in every aspect. But along with that, there are also interesting and fun facts related to Drupal that will surely help you make a mind to go for Drupal development if you are thinking of hiring a Best Drupal agency to build a website.

One of the most important facts to know is that of all websites on the internet, 1.6% run on Drupal. Not just this, Drupal also contributes a total of 2.9% share in the CMS market. It is one of those few platforms that come with a total of 100 languages or more. This is indeed a fact that could make you right away look for a professional Drupal agency if you want to build a website for a wider mass of audience. 

To help you build a flawless website, Drupal has a total of 42650 modules. Whereas, if we talk about extensions, well, it is quite hard to tell the numbers. Since Drupal is considered to be a high-performance platform with high security, it has a huge customer satisfaction rate of 97% which is the highest in the industry. 

why you mus hire drupal agency

One of the solid reasons why you should hire a Drupal agency to build your website is the fact that Drupal has some internationally-known clients in its portfolio. Do not be amused to know that even The White House website is also built on Drupal. Not just this, some more popular organizations with Drupal websites are Tesla, The Australian Government, NASA, and The Emmy Awards. Just to let you know, Drupal is older than WordPress, They both together share a total of 65% share in the CMS market. Talking about themes, well Drupal has more than 2700 themes to choose from. Around 4,00,000 Drupal websites use Google Analytics which is a web stat tracking tool. 

These are some of those many interesting facts that Drupal is known for. If these facts were helpful in helping you choose Drupal development, let’s talk about some business. You can consider Auxesis Infotech as your best bet if you are looking to hire Drupal development services. We are counted amongst the high-rated Drupal developers carrying years of experience in delivering exceptional services to clients.